Friday, April 4, 2014

Youtube: Birgitsbox spring edition 2014

A little video from me about the spring 2014 Birgitsbox!
How do you feel about my new filming area? I think it's perfect!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Review: Nivea lip butter

As you can see on the pictures, then I have two of the, ever so hyped up lip butters from Nivea. I have the scents Vanilla & macadamia and the caramel cream. The caramel cream I keep in my purse all the time (which you can see on the beaten up lid) and the vanilla & macadamia I keep with my skin care selection.
Now you all know that I am really dedicated to my Nuxe reve de miel lip balm but for a lighter lipcare i use these. I'm still not a massive fan of pots, even though I've got lots of them, but these really are great and lovely. As I said these gives a lighter lip care, with which I think the butter part of the name is a little so on. It's nothing compared to my Nuxe balm but it might be heavy for people with regular, non-chapped lips. I like these on a daily basis, alone or even on top of a lipstick to give a little extra moist.

I really recommend these, just don't expect them to be miracle workers.
And enjoy the scent. It's really the best thing about them. SO yummy!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Youtube: current lush favorites

A little video from me of my current lush favorites!
Filmed this one just after doing my review series but my life have been in the blog's way so now it's up. Hope that you like it and find it helpful.

Monday, March 17, 2014

An other MAC haul..

From the left: Soba and sumptuous olive

So, a long time ago I got two more eyeshadows for my MAC palette. It's not like I need any more BUT they look amazing in the palette and I love them lots already.

The first one I choose was the color Soba. Soba is a neutral golden one and it's just a really pretty everyday one. It's nothing special, out of the ordinary but i'm happy that i got it!

The other one, sumptuous olive, is definitely out of the ordinary and out of my comfort zone. To make myself experiment more, I convinced myself to get it and i'm very happy that i did. It's a olive-green, sheeny color that reminds me of old ancient stuff. Not the best description but it really is very beautiful.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Batiste dry shampoo

My little 'collection' of batiste dry shampoo's at the moment.

So the Batiste dry shampoo might not be a new thing for anyone out there. It's a cult favorite and everyone and their mother loves this stuff. Now that's not gonna keep me from telling you my thoughts on it if there is still some left that haven't tried this. The dry shampoo from batiste is the most inexpensive and lovely way to get that greasy second day hair looking newly washed. It's very powdery and you need to remember to always shake the bottle before using it. The powdery product is guilty of leaving a bit of white residue if you don't work it in enough but with blonde hair i don't really mind that. Especially considering the price.
Batiste don't just make your hair look good but also smell good. I have a few different scents in mini's to try but my all time favorite so far is the one called blush. It's a floral and fresh scent that smells clean and really nice and girly. I absolutely love it and i couldn't live without it... Okay that might be a little too dramatic but it really is THAT good. The only downside to dry shampoo's in general is if you have a bit of a flaky scalp or dandruff, then it might be drying on your scalp so just watch out for that. But even though my dandruff is cray-cray then it doesn't get extremely crazy with dry shampoo.

I would really recommend this to anyone. Even darkhaired gals (or guys), it just need a bit more work.
Have any of you tried this? And do you like it just as much as me?

Monday, March 3, 2014

Review: The body shop shampoo

So i'm not gonna lie....... I've only used this product about five times. And normally I won't review a product unless it's been used for a while. But if something does miracles then you can't deny it. 
The deal is that when the cold weather hit Denmark, my scalp went cray-cray and i've never tried anything like it. I have never suffered from dandruff but i had the WORST case and because it was so itchy, my scalp started to flake of and bleed. I know that sounds gross but it's the truth. So, I needed a anti-dandruff shampoo to make some miracles for me and after about an hour of searching the internet for a not to expensive solution I found out that the one from the body shop had some really great reviews. Long story short i went out to buy it and after having used this twice i don't have any dandruff left. I think it's so cray and amazing and i need to forward the amazingness of this product to anyone that might need it!
Only downside about this product is that I don't love the smell, but that's peanuts compared to how amazing it is. Go get it, if you need some love for the scalp that's falling off your head! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Review series: Lush body and bath products


Rub rub rub is a newer purchase that I made the last time I was in Sweden. I used up a sample of it and I loved it so much that I needed to get a tub of it. The blue scrub is gentle, exfoliating and when it mixes with water, the milky consistency is pretty moisturizing. The scent is really fresh and lovely and it lingers on my body through the day. I will repurchase when I run out and I would recommend this to anyone, really.


The peace massage bar is a product that I neglected a lot when I first got it. I didn't touch it for a long time but when I finally did it was a happy day. I use the massage bar to moisturize when my legs feel very dry. It's amazing for that and even though I don't love the scent of the bar then it smells pretty nice on the skin. When I run out I will try an other massage bar but this is definitely a great one!


Moving on to the bath products I have the ceridwen's cauldron luxury bath melt. It's very moisturizing and because I don't have a tub then i actually use it in the shower. I buff it on my skin, away from the running water and it leaves my skin moisturized and lovely. It also removes a bit of dead skin so it's really nice. Because I love the rub rub rub and because i love to use body butters to moisturize then i probably won't repurchase this one. If I had a tub then I would live by it. So I totally recommend it to anyone that has a tub!

one bath bomb/£2.50

The amazing butterball bath bomb has an amazing scent. It really smells good enough to eat. It's made for skin that is ether dry, sensitive or irritated, which matches my skin perfectly. It's not an exciting bathbalistic to look at in the water, because it's just plain white, but the skin benefits from this is really good. Because I don't have a tub I cut it up and use a smaller piece of this in my feet baths. I really enjoy putting my feet into a little tub of water with some butterball swirled up in there. I've bought this over and over and I will continue to do so, especially if I get a tub some day! (biggest wish of mine)